Sunrise and Sunset data for Christchurch
  Yesterday Today Tomorrow 
Dawn 7:02am 7:04am 7:05am 
Sunrise 7:31am 7:32am 7:34am 
Solar Noon 1:37pm 1:36pm 1:36pm 
Sunset 7:42pm 7:40pm 7:39pm 
Dusk Ends 8:10pm 8:08pm 8:07pm 

Daylight 12hrs, 10 mins, 57 secs 12hrs, 7 mins, 56 secs 12hrs, 4 mins, 57 secs 
Visible Light 13hrs, 7 mins, 53 secs 13hrs, 4 mins, 51 secs 13hrs, 1 mins, 50 secs 
Darkness 10hrs, 53 mins, 21 secs 10hrs, 56 mins, 23 secs 10hrs, 59 mins, 24 secs 

Moonrise 9:53am 11:01am 12:10pm 
Moonset 9:20pm 9:54pm 10:31pm 

today is 3 minutes & 1 second shorter than yesterday

Daylight tomorrow will be 2 minutes & 59 seconds shorter than today

Next Event : Dawn in 6 hours and 21 minutes

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Dusk Ends6:49pm6:02pm5:34pm5:36pm5:59pm6:31pm8:04pm8:45pm9:28pm
The data above is calculated for the first of each month. Daylight savings are taken into account in the calculations.